Branding & Messaging

Branding and Messaging is vital to your marketing strategy. It's the creation of the identity of the company. It's where the ship is going. You can't steer the ship without knowing where it's going.

Print Design & Corporate Identity

Even though our work is highly focused on the digital world, print is still alive. When your sales force goes out they still need paper materials. We do it all from the creation of the logo to the design of business cards, brochures, expo booths, and more.

Web Design & Development

Website design and development is critical to any digital marketing goals. After all, the website is your hub of engagement with your client. It's where the meat and potatoes of your information is and typically where the call to action lies. Our expert designers and developers can produce stellar websites and web applications, including brochure type websites, accessible websites (for people with disabilities), ecommerce, and more. We are highly skilled at responsive design which is important for today's high mobile device traffic.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is still a mystery to many businesses. It's difficult for them to make sense and to determine the ROI. We can help. Not only can we produce targeted social media strategies but with our powerful analytics, we can also determine where the successes are.

Analytics & Search Engine Optimization

Analytics and Search Engine Optimization work hand in hand. You really can't know if your website is providing the right traffic or converting visitors well without analytics. Search Engine Optimization is the tweaking of your website based on those findings. We make sure that Google sees you well and that your customer gets what they need when searching for you and we make sure they find the right things when they do get to your website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Our expertise in pay-per-click advertising campaigns will cultivate the leads you need for your business to thrive. We excel in Google AdWords and Bing best practices and powerful content and design, and match these capabilities with an in-depth knowledge of user behavior.  The result: We bring your audience to landing pages that inspire them to join, buy, connect – or whatever your critical conversion happens to be.



"I have been working with Teramark since 2003 and they have played an active role from the start. Biotech is very different from other industries, but they have a unique understanding and willingness to learn at Teramark that ultimately enables them to communicate the message that is right for our business.”

John Cadwell, CEO
FiberCell Systems


"Teramark has been nothing less than stellar, and I really appreciate the detailed attention given to our projects.  The TS Alliance website constantly gets mentioned as one of the best in the rare disease community."

Jaye Isham
Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance